Technical problems with Yoki's Story VI : part I.

2012-12-04 21:51:16 by Player-exe

Because of a few technical problems, I won't be able to release the next episode in December as previously planned. The episode will be released in January instead.

I have an old demo of a game I was making in 2009 that you may like, a cancelled sequel to Yoshi the Yoshi using a completely remade engine. Like the old one, you have to avoid Yoshi's attacks but the gameplay has changed so you have to counter attack instead of waiting for a moment. You can also pause the game by pressing P.

I could not find the original source code of the game so I had to use an old compiled build of the game. The beta story mode with four complete stages and cut scenes can be unlocked with a standalone player. 29cb3ed3961fab582e98


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