Yoki's Story VI : part I today, no seriously !

2013-01-26 19:37:18 by Player-exe

After a year of development, I am proud to say that Yoki's Story VI : part I will be released tomorrow.

I experimented with a lot of new things on this project, first of all this is my first project fully voice acted. I also used physics simulations to give realism to a few details of the scenes. I fixed most of the problems from the previous episode too, removing the Instagram-ish effects to give a realistic shading and using less compressed videos for the pre-rendered effects to have a better visual quality. Of course, this means that the movie will have a huge file size of around 240 MB (Yoki's Story 5 was 14,6 MB).

The movie is 15 minutes long and made out of 161 individual parts. More than two weeks of render time have been needed to make this.

My next project won't be Yoki's Story VI : part II, I am working on something even bigger but I can't tell anything about this for the moment.

Edit : It's online now, go check this out.


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2013-01-26 20:36:02

Oh good, i'm quite excited to know it.


2013-01-26 21:21:50



2013-01-28 01:55:27

Watched it, reviewed it, loved it. Even though I just started watching your videos, I love how you've improved every time! I wish you were working on part 2, but, hey, if your fans waited a year for this, I can too for the next!