Youtube, my next project and Yoki's Story VI : part II

2013-02-09 20:14:13 by Player-exe

Hello everyone, I just started converting most of my videos for Youtube, you can see them on my channel here : . With Flash support being dropped on the most recent versions of Android I had to make sure they could still be available for everybody.

I can't tell a lot yet about my next project, but here's a few details :
- It's still in Flash, no worries about that.
- Sorry, no 3D this time, but a lot of post production effects instead.
- It's not even a sprite movie.
- 24 fps.
- The style is inspired by a mix of Yoki's Story V, VI and something else.
- It's gonna be very short, maybe a minute or two.

Also, Yoki's Story VI : part II is not started yet, I will wait until I get better at mixing Blender and Flash before starting this.


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2013-02-11 14:37:04

When you make your video versions you can also upload them as alternative files under your NG projects! This way they will work on mobile devices on NG too. Are you using Swivel?

(Updated ) Player-exe responds:

Thanks, I will do it as soon as possible. And no, I was using Quicktime's built in screen recorder to record the screen, if I knew before I would have used it instead.