There will be 3D after all. (And a few things about previous projects)

2013-02-24 17:25:08 by Player-exe

First, a few facts about my previous project that I wanted to share :
- Remember Tale of a Stupid Plumber, that weird movie I made in 2010? At first this had nothing to do with it. I wanted to make something between Luigi and Sonic, but instead of an action packed SMBZ-styled fight, I wanted to make something inspired by Road Runner where Luigi would set traps for Sonic.

- The original scenario for Yoki's Story 2 and 3 was about Bowser asking Yoki to steal a star for him at Peach's castle in exchange for information about Reswob. Bowser would have taken the star and used the power to cure himself and to get rid of Yoki.

For Reswob :
- Until Yoki's Story 3, I had no clear idea of what could be Reswob, all I had in mind was "A giant koopa".
- I only wrote his back story in Yoki's Story 4.
- For Yoki's Story 5, I started building more in depth the character because I wanted to put a flashback talking about his attack on the ice village.
- For Yoki's Story 6 : part 1, I finally used the back story I had in mind to build the crazy koopa I wanted to make.

- For Toad, you cannot see him at the end of Yoki's Story 2 on Bowser's side. I had in mind to show him in silhouette but I was not sure if I would make Yoki's Story 3 around him or not.
- His return in Yoki's Story 5 was not planned at all, it was not even supposed to be a robot. I originally wanted to make a fight with Reswob but I was not ready to make something as complex.

For locations :
- In Yoki's Story 4, the fight between Bowser jr. and Yoki was supposed to be outside but in a school trip I got the idea to make a fight scene in a mall. Ideas mixed together and it became a fight in a warp pipe station.
- In Yoki's Story 5, the star launcher was not on the roof, but inside. I wanted to make a roof opening automatically but couldn't with Wings 3D.
- For the old communication tower, it was originally an observatory I had in mind. As it was too complex for me, I made it look like it was the ruins of one instead.
- In Yoki's Story 6, the boat is not inspired by the flying aircraft carrier from The Avengers. I made the model for it before the movie was released and when I saw the movie with my friends I couldn't stop thinking about it.

- I wanted to make an episode 3.5 too, focusing on the horrible nightmare Yoki did between the third and the fourth episode. I also wanted to make an episode 0, focusing on Yoshi's back story.

- Yoki's Story 1 and 6 were the only two episodes I made with somebody else. I was supposed to make Yoki's Story 4 and 5 with somebody else too but both got cancelled because of the lack of time. The fight scene for episode 4 was originally not my task and the episode 5 had to make a crossover with another sprite movie.

- The visual style for Yoki's Story 5 was based on the one I was making for a joke RPG in Flash that I lost, but that game was inspired by a french RPG called Aedemphia.

Now for my next project, I still can't tell a lot but I have a beta screenshot just for you. The project is more of a tech demo than an actual movie but it has a story. I didn't want to use 3D at first but I realized it didn't turn out bad. I want to say that it's gonna be epic and I will work hard to make it epic, but this is going to take a lot of time to do and this means that Yoki's Story 6 : part 2 might be delayed until 2014.

Oh, and btw, I now have a Youtube channel :

There will be 3D after all. (And a few things about previous projects)


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2013-02-25 13:55:21

Any plans for making non-sprite cartoons? Nothing against sprites, I love watching and making sprite cartoons, just wondering if we can expect something other than sprite cartoons from you.

Player-exe responds:

The next project I am making is a non-sprite animation. It also has nothing to do with Mario.


2013-03-01 16:55:38

2014?!? Well that's alot of time
I just finished to saw all episodes from the first to the last amd i can't wait for the next!
Oh well at least i'm sure you won't stop for now like SMBZ
Good job man keep going, best series ever ;)

Player-exe responds:

If I ever have to stop working on Yoki's Story, I will make sure to find somebody else to continue it with my script and if I can't find one I will tell you how it should have ended.

Anyway, for my next project, there is A LOT of things in common with Yoki's Story. The visual style is slightly different but the characters are nearly the same.