Update about Project Shadowbox, regarding the style.

2013-08-21 14:43:43 by Player-exe

Unfortunately, because of many problems with Flash and the way movieclip effects are rendered I won't be able to make Project Shadowbox with the paper style I wanted to have at first. I decided to go back with a more show-accurate style instead.

The puppet rigs for all the characters of the project are now done. For some I tweaked the colours of the original puppets but for others I simply remade them completely, as the Double Rainboom puppets while very high quality, are not accurate enough for me.

Visually it should look like Project Thundercloud, but more detailed and featuring particle simulation. The 3D animation should blend better with the 2D animation too, but it will continue to be photorealistic. Technically it will take a lot more resources to render it, but as Intel is introducing the new Haswell microarchitecture, I will invest on a more powerful computer at its launch for rendering it. I had to make a lot of cuts to the 3D animation to reduce rendering times in my previous projects but now I should finally be able to have the resources for that.

The project itself is even more complex for me than before as I am doing the job of an entire animation team all by myself but it shouldn't stop me from making something amazing. Project Thundercloud was a challenge for me, as it was not only my first My Little Pony fan film, but I had to make this one of the best of its category. This time I want a new challenge, and I want to make something even better.

I can't tell a lot about the story yet, but it will tell the same message as Project Thundercloud.

Update about Project Shadowbox, regarding the style.


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2013-08-21 15:51:37

Not an actual shame though