Project Shadowbox is in preproduction, so ask me stuff meanwhile.

2013-09-04 15:48:27 by Player-exe

Project Shadowbox, the sequel to Project Thundercloud, a fan film about the story of Derpy Hooves is in work right now. This is a huge project that will take a year of work to be done. Right now I don't have anything animated to show you, but I can tell you this, the quality of the animation will improve.

Meanwhile, you can ask me things related to Project Shadowbox (As long as it's not related to the story), Project Thundercloud, Yoki's Story (My previous project) or anything else.


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2013-09-04 16:02:06



2013-09-04 20:02:44

Will Shawdowbox be shown at the next bronycon

also are you hand drawing the characters like the current mlp fim creators or just using models like


Player-exe responds:

It's not confirmed for the next BronyCon, but I'm working on making sure it will happen.
There is a mix of hand drawings and models, but I won't use both at the same time. The main animation is still puppet based like the show, but I will draw some scenes in my own style.


2013-09-05 19:25:53

i love you.


2013-09-09 08:43:33

Why did you delete Yoki's Story 1 from here? Even through it sucks, the plot of next Yoki's Story's episodes might be a bit confusing without seeing the first one.

(Updated ) Player-exe responds:

I didn't really want people to have to watch it as it's cringeworthy, I was originally planning on remaking it before ending the series to match better the rest of the story, but now that the series have been cancelled it doesn't really matter anymore.