Project Thundercloud got an official website

2014-05-08 09:48:42 by Player-exe

What was meant as a simple animation project to try vector animation and higher resolution 3D animation spread its wings and became my main animation project, spanning a series with many episodes planned.

And today (Well, technically yesterday), I got an official website, thanks to Juju-kun, a friend of mine. (I might get a shorter domain name later)


Let's talk a bit about Project Thundercloud II too, the project is currently in production. The film might hit 20 minutes long, so it might be considered a fan episode, although I don't really consider it as such. The animation improved, the visuals improved and the audio improved too, it's definitely gonna be a stronger project than Project Thundercloud. 


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2014-05-08 14:06:43

Good luck whit that :D, sounds like a lot of hard work


2014-05-08 14:55:38

Project thundercloud rocks :D!


2014-05-08 21:26:36

I'm looking forward to this. Good luck, and remember to take your time on this.