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So yeah, back in 2013 I premiered Project Thundercloud at BronyCon 2013, and now Dinky's Destiny will premiere at BABScon 2015 in April.

If you compare the two, you can clearly see a difference in the quality of the animation. A lot of stuff happens in two years after all. I see that as a great improvement for me, and I'm wondering what I'll do next.


Let's say it's far from my stupid sprite animations I've done before.

No Newgrounds release this time, too bad.


So yeah, I've been asked to give updates once in a while about Dinky's Destiny, so here's one, the first picture of it, and it's my best looking project I have done so far. It's colorful, it's detailed and got an atmosphere.

All done in Flash, Illustrator and Apophysis.

Hi-res here.


A couple of updates on Dinky's Destiny

2014-09-29 20:17:30 by Player-exe

So, while I left Newgrounds for good some people might be wondering what I am working on right now, and clarify why it could never be released here anyway.

Here's the thing, Dinky's Destiny is a collaborative project of much much higher scale than Project Thundercloud, and this involves working with a team. Most of the members of the team are from YouTube, and none of them wants to be involved with Newgrounds, I'm on their side as well, I don't want to be involved with this website anymore.

Let's say this, I no longer care about the things that brought me here, I stopped watching Naruto, I play a lot less video games than I did before, and I no longer care about sprite movies.

Dinky's Destiny is a 2D animated project focussing on Dinky Doo, a unicorn born with a clockwise horn living in a world where unicorns have a counter-clockwise horn and practice counter-clockwise magic. The style is inspired by the style of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, so it's all done in Flash and After Effects. It's done in 21:9, 24fps, 2560x1080. I rely on camera tricks as I always do, but it's all done without the use of 3D animation software. (Expect for a little help on the staging itself.) It's a YouTube-only release this time, I'm sorry about this, but I just can't upload it here this time.

Oh, and I changed my username to Minty Root, the name of my OC. Not that I want to avoid getting associated with my past, it's just that Playerdotexe just sounds like an edgy hacker and I'm not one.



Leaving Newgrounds

2014-07-27 20:15:03 by Player-exe

For a couple of reasons, the three animation projects I am involved with can't be released here.

I'll be honest, I don't like this place anymore, I just feel it's not the place where I should be.

I will keep the account activated, but I will no longer update it, and will focus my updates on DeviantArt, Tumblr, and YouTube now.

After a very long time, I'm proud to show you Project Thundercloud II: Shadowbox, and this time with an unedited cut here on Newgrounds.

For legal reasons I won't be able to make Project Thundercloud III, but trust me, my next project is gonna be even better than that.

Yeah, I’m taking a very very short break, all I’m doing right now is working on Project Thundercloud II, and I got invited to a three-day-long MLP marathon along with ask-coltbain-scratchorn, juju-kun, asksharpe, askspiralnight, crimsonphoenix34 and bugplayer.

Yeah, right after that I jump back to my computer and I complete my fan animation, the first show-length fan animation about Derpy Hooves, and it’s gonna be ten times better than the first Project Thundercloud, I read all the comments, watched all the reaction videos and looked at all the reviews and this project is built to improve on all my weaknesses. The animation improved with less tweens and more frame by frame animation, the audio is better edited, and it’s even done in 5.1 Surround Sound, the music isn’t from video games and the visuals are much better too, with more 3D backgrounds and more hand drawn backgrounds. I got an early build for the marathon for them, there’s still a couple of scenes missing, but the final build will be done in time for Geekfest Québec and the official YouTube/Newgrounds release on July 12.

I’ll take some photos and videos for you, and I’ll try not to suck too much in Free for All games in Super Smash Bros.

My name is Alexandre Bellefeuille, I’m a huge brony, a part time minty unicorn and I’ll have some fun this weekend with other little pastel pony fan.

GeekFest Québec

2014-05-26 22:07:35 by Player-exe


Convention news!

This summer I will be one of the guests of GeekFest Québec, a geek festival happening on July 5 and 6 in Cégep Limoilou.

I will premiere Project Thundercloud II there.


(Link to the official announcement in the picture.)

What was meant as a simple animation project to try vector animation and higher resolution 3D animation spread its wings and became my main animation project, spanning a series with many episodes planned.

And today (Well, technically yesterday), I got an official website, thanks to Juju-kun, a friend of mine. (I might get a shorter domain name later)


Let's talk a bit about Project Thundercloud II too, the project is currently in production. The film might hit 20 minutes long, so it might be considered a fan episode, although I don't really consider it as such. The animation improved, the visuals improved and the audio improved too, it's definitely gonna be a stronger project than Project Thundercloud. 

I returned from Nadeshicon 2014 and my two panels were a success. I got an amazing time there, bought some pony merch, tried some japanese food, made new friends and I got to see a lot of fandoms like MLP, Homestuck, Naruto, One Piece and Attack on Titan (I still have no idea of what is Homestuck, but their fans are cool.)


I shown this trailer for Project Thundercloud II: Shadowbox at the fan animation panel.


And here's the footage from the fan animation panel I hosted. The MLP panel is still not online because we have to censor something that was said there by someone from the audience.